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  • You are about to sell the place you have called home for a certain number of years and that is a BIG decision. Real Estate transactions are one of the largest and most rare transactions that an individual will take part in during his or her lifetime and we understand that, in fact we embraced it with over 900 transactions last year alone! During this selling process, home owners tend to experience stress, frustration, and overload with all the steps that are involved to sell your piece of property for the highest amount possible in the timeframe you have to work with.

    Unfortunately, recent real estate booms and busts have encouraged an explosion of new real estate licensees, “green peas” and “part time” real estate agents that have muddied the waters for sellers who are trying to decipher what a Ranked Sales Expert like Ryan Kramer and his team actually do in comparison to a part-time solo agent. The problem we see is that getting a license and succeeding as a professional in a very competitive industry are two very different things. Many agents entered the field, not for a long term career, but for a share of the perceived “easy money”. They leave when they realize it is not that easy.

    The Ryan Kramer Team has been around through good times and bad, consistently growing and maintaining our status as a top ranked Real Estate team that understands each seller has a unique reason, or list of reasons, that they are ready to part ways with their real estate and we are here to understand those reasons and then craft a customized approach to selling your specific property.

    Let’s face it, selling a family-oriented home in downtown St. George is going to involve some different tactics than selling a home in the gated community of Entrada at Snow Canyon. HOWEVER, we are going to use the same Proven Marketing System that Ryan Kramer has fine-tuned over the last 9 years as a top ranked Real Estate Sales Expert in Washington County.

  • Ranked Real Estate Sales Expert Ryan Kramer has a personal message for you that outlines how his proven marketing system has managed to consistently out-perform other real estate agents in Southern Utah. Your information is requested so that you not only hear about his proven system, but so that you can also experience how a true marketer can help you get top dollar for your home.

  • Ryan Kramer - Ranked Real Estate Sales Expert

    Honors and Awards

    Top 40 Under 40 Southern Utah Business Individuals
    St. George Magazine

    Ranked 2nd in Residential Agents for Washington County
    Washington Country Board of Realtors

    Nationally Recognized Real Estate Sales Agent
    GMAC Real Estate


    As a competitive individual with a pro-active personality I have always been driven to accomplish goals and get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Only 5% of the population are pro-active and I have been told I am one of those individuals. I look forward to representing your real estate interests and allowing you to have the “salesman” on your side for a change.

    In all honesty, my continued success as a Realtor has just as much to do with the phenomenal team members I have at the Ryan Kramer Team as well as Prado and Kramer Real Estate. Consistently Ranked as a Top-3 Sales Agent in Southern Utah is more a reflection of my team and our unique Sales and Marketing System than anything else.

    We have proven our system works and WE GUARANTEE YOUR HOME SELLS within 60 Days or it is only going to cost you $1.00!

    Let me share with you our numbers here at Prado and Kramer Real Estate:

    900 Transactions
    $170 Million

    512 Transactions
    $98 Million

    I look forward to speaking with you and giving you even more information and education about our proven marketing and sales system here at The Ryan Kramer Team. Please let me know when you are ready to discuss:

    Real Estate, Selling, Property Listings, Sales Approach, Home Sales, First-Time Home Buyers, REO Transactions, Short Sales


    Co-Owner at Prado and Kramer Real Estate
    January 2009 – Present (4 years 8 months)

    My partner Jorge Prado and I have combined our individual abilities to bring Southern Utah a growing hometown brokerage that is committed to community involvement and sponsorship. We believe in doing our part for the communities that have supported our business over the years.

    Ranked Real Estate Sales Expert at Ryan Kramer Team
    January 2004 – Present (9 years 8 months)

    As Sales Expert of the Ryan Kramer Team, at Prado and Kramer Real Estate, I have the opportunity to work with sellers you are looking for a Top-3 Sales Agent to properly Market and Sell their property. We know our unique Sales and Marketing System works, it is proven by our ranking, and fulfilled by a committed team of professionals. We GUARANTEE YOUR SALE within 60 days or its only 1.00!

    Sales Agent at GMAC Real Estate
    2004 – 2008 (4 years)

    My time at GMAC Real Estate was a great experience where I worked with fabulous people and met my current partner Jorge Prado. The success I had within GMAC was based upon the leadership and training I received as well as my commitment to work hard and represent my clients. I am grateful for this experience, but I left to start my own brokerage where I would have the ability to better impact the community and further my relationship with clients.

    Skills & Expertise

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    • Real Estate
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    • Short Sales
    • Seller Representation
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  • Other local agents and even prospective customers don’t understand how important having a complete marketing system is and have even asked us “Why do you talk about marketing so much?” The fact is, we are in the business of marketing…marketing your home to prospective buyers and buyers’ agents. You should be able to tell from every interaction with our team, from this website to our office location, that we are not just another listing agency but a powerful and ranked marketing and sales team.

    The Ryan Kramer Real Estate Team knows, understands, and does everything in our power to be professional, consistent, trustworthy, honest, dependable, timely, and all of the other important attributes that you would expect from any professional in the industry. In addition to those attributes, there are two aspects of the Ryan Kramer Team that will go unmatched in the Southern Utah Real Estate market: Work Ethic and Marketing System.

    When choosing your sales agent remember this: It is not he who has the best home, prettiest property, or most features that gets top dollar, it is whoever tells the most complete story of the property and it’s characteristic to a buyer with those specific “hot buttons”. Think of this in terms of McDonalds, Walmart, and SouthWest Airlines, all of which are #1 in their industry without having the best or most features, but rather the greatest value to their specific market because of their SYSTEM. Our system defines the best buyer for your home, uses our comprehensive database of clients and agents, incorporates our proven tactics, and markets your home to the buyer who is willing to pay the most to have your home become theirs within 60 days.

    Unfortunately, many real estate agents will not focus on buyers’ “hot buttons” when marketing your home, but will instead focus on technical features, location, and comparable neighborhood sales to find just anyone to put an offer in. IF they do actually understand who the buyer they are looking for is, many of them will not have the comprehensive database and tactics that we employ here at the Ryan Kramer Team…OUR SYSTEM IS PROVEN, OUR RESULTS ARE RANKED.

  • We take great pride in the 30 years of experience, knowledge, and database contacts our team has brought together for your benefit. That information has led to the creation of our proven marketing system and coupled with Ryan Kramer’s work ethic and team members has resulted in consistently top ranked sales results year over year. Although we feel confident that our system and team could not be duplicated, we will only outline the basic steps of our system for our own protection. If you would like further detail on how our system will get your home sold for the highest value in the shortest amount of time, you are more than welcome to contact our office.

    • 1. Listen and Understand the Needs of You, the Homeowner!

      Ryan Kramer has sold hundreds of properties with hundreds of different people. His thoughtfulness and attention to the concerns of the seller are readily apparent in every interaction. Our thorough in-take process will outline your concerns and needs before we ever take the next step toward selling your home.

    • 2. Create and sign a listing agreement that fits your needs

      After discussing your particular situation, needs, and concerns Ryan will craft a listing agreement that fits your needs and terms. This agreement clearly outlines terms of any sale, and our commitment to you the seller. Listing agreements should be customized for your particular situation and not be the standard issue “one size fits all”.

    • 3. Provide you with our 24/7 contact information

      Ryan Kramer believes that action and work ethic get results. Our team believes in being available to not only you, but also any potential buyers 24/7 and with that in mind we provide those interested parties with our contact information so that we get your home sold to the right buyer at the time of their choosing.

    • 4. Create a customized marketing and selling program for your home:

      After fully understanding your needs, Ryan Kramer will create a custom marketing and sales plan for your piece of real estate. His custom marketing plans are not cookie cutters plans, or standard issue corporate campaigns, but rather a fully designed campaign specific for your property.

    • 5. Market your property the way we market ourselves, FOR RESULTS!

      Get your property marketed and talked about everywhere in our community, not just in the local real estate magazine or in your neighborhood. When Ryan Kramer agrees to sell your home, he makes sure you become part of his proven marketing system. This unique system, and ranked results make sure your home is seen by the type of buyer necessary, whether they are in St. George, or out of the area. For more details about the tactics used in marketing, Contact Us Today.

    • 6. The power of the Ryan Kramer Team network on your side.
      The site you are on right now, www.RyanKramerTeam.com, is registered with all major search engines. Our brokerage, Prado and Kramer Real Estate is a member in good standing with the local and state real estate agencies and is well-respected in the community for our results and community support. With over 30 years of experience, the Ryan Kramer Team knows buyer hot buttons and buyer turn-offs. We know exactly what aspects of your home we need to market in order to attract the buyers. We will use this professional optimized website, to make your listing highly visible to the 84% of buyers who check online first when looking for a new home. This part of your marketing strategy should not be left up to agents with cookie cutter websites and corporate “marketing plans”.
    • 7. Finally…the “Salesman” is on your team.!

      We know that “salesman” usually irk people who are buying a product, but this time around the “salesman” is on your team and is going to get you the best value for your real estate. When it’s time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of Ryan Kramer. Ryan can represent you doing this emotionally charged negotiating process and ensure you achieve an acceptable transaction. Ryan’s in-depth market knowledge and experience closing hundreds of transactions will allow him to fight for those needs and concerns you have.

    • 8. Ryan Kramer Team takes care of all the paper work.

      Getting you the offer you want is only half the battle. After we achieve this goal for you our team will assist you with the complex and sometimes bewildering aspects of preparing the paperwork involved for the transaction. As your professional real estate agent and expert, Ryan will make sure all paperwork related to your sale is in order with favorable closing terms.

    • 9. Now you are ready to see the detailed plan of action!

      If the general outline you have seen so far makes you want to know even more we invite you to Contact Uss so that we may share with you our detailed plan of action!

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