Selling Your Home in the Fall: The Pros and Cons

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The decision on when the right time to sell a home can be a challenge. There are a variety of factors involved including the current real estate market conditions, the economy, the amount of time available to get the home ready for sale, and what price you are willing to accept.

Some homeowners feel that an inevitable slowdown of the market during the fall months can reduce their chances of closing before New Year’s. This is not necessarily true, but understanding how the home buying market works during October and November is important. At this time of year, several advantages exist for sellers, but there are a few challenges to be aware of.

The Advantages of Selling in the Fall

One of the first factors prospective home buyers look at is the property’s visual appeal, and that means the entire property, not just the structure. The landscaping of the property will tend to look its best during the spring and summer months, and this will definitely attract attention from buyers.

In St. George, fall colors can add a beautiful appearance to a yard and the leaves tend to fall later in the season during November and even December. However, it is important to make certain that the yard is not cluttered with falling leaves and exhausted lawn roots are taken care of.

Gone is the intense heat of the summer and fall brings some of the most pleasant temperature of the year in Southern Utah. There is also a wide range of events bringing visitors to the area such as the St. George marathon, Huntsman Senior Games, and the returning snow birds. This brings tens of thousands of people into the area creating more selling opportunities.

The fall is also a festive season so take advantage of the opportunity to make your home shine with seasonal decor. This can give your home a warm and homey feeling and spark the interest in prospective buyers.

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Timing Considerations

Most prospective home buyers looking to purchase in the fall want to settle on a price and get the loan process moving very quickly. They do not want the holidays to approach with the paperwork still underway and year end considerations also a factor. This is good news for the seller who has a home in good condition.

Since the market is a bit slower after September, there is less competition. The falling number of homes on the market means can make your home attractive more buyers with less advertising. An experienced real estate agent can be a great help and can direct more customers’ attention to your property.

The Challenges of Selling a Home

Cleaning up the exterior and making minor structural repairs can become more of a chore with cooler weather and falling leaves. If the leaves have already fallen or the landscape isn’t looking as vibrant as it once was, make use of photographs taken during the spring or summer to make up for any loss in curb appeal.

Fall also means less daylight so there is less opportunity to effectively show your home during the evening hours. This also highlights the importance of making good use of interior lighting and allow sunshine to brighten up your home.

The schedule for staging a property at this time of year may also conflict with other plans that concern the upcoming holidays. If you’re looking to sell your new home and get into a new home before the end of the year, this can be stressful and cause potential disruptions.

More Tips for Getting Your Home Sold

If the home has already been placed on the market during summer and has not yet sold, chances are it has been listed as “expired” or “canceled” in the MLS. Most prospective buyers do not ask their agent to look up and investigate these properties. If you want to get attention from buyers, the home needs to be once again listed as active.

Lastly, buyers can get finicky no matter how much they desire to move into their new home during the fall months. Be patient, trust in the value of your home, and get help from a seasoned real estate professional who can help get your home sold quickly. Getting a free market analysis on your home can help you make the important decision on whether or not now is the right time to get your home sold.

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